Building high-performing Cross-functional teams by training CrossFit

I have heard it so many times «my company is all about teamwork», you can actually walk the walk by simply introducing your company to CrossFit training. 

“Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success.”

– Ted Sundquist

Forming a cross-functional team usually derives from high-pressure situations or innovations where one department alone can’t solve the task at hand. Its normally big things that takes a lot of work and the best mix of people with different backgrounds, personalities and experience. It can be both scary and intimidating for the team members to break free from their normal routines and comfort zone. Putting a cross-functional team together that’s not used to working together is like putting the worlds greatest hockey players in one team and expect them to win the NHL. It simply won’t happen! To perform as team you need to work as a team.

1 Break mental roadblocks and habits

A great start is to get people to break free from their mental roadblocks and daily habits by throwing them out of their comfort zone into a new environment. An environment where they will face tough challenges together as a team, cheer each other on, communicate and perform under pressure.

2 Team Communication Skills

We all know that communication can make or break your team performance. If your team is not used to working together changes are the communication will be a challenge. When you train and perform as a team you will learn about possible diversity issues, how to give constructive feedback and to communicate efficiently in an high-pressure environment. Working with new people will relive both your strengths and weaknesses and good team communication skills will be key in your teams performance.

3 Unofficial Cross-functional teams

Sales might think the IT department only are trying to give them a hard time and the marketing department cant figure out how the engineers can be useful for anything but the monthly quiz. The truth is we’re all better off in understanding and working together as a team towards a common goal.

When we train and suffer through tough workouts together as a team you’ll be surprised how easy it will be to strike up a conversation with the management team, or reach out to the tech team on how the new system or app can be more user friendly.

When you’re suddenly put in a situation in which you all need to work together, you’re already put down the groundwork where your close contact and common understanding will help foster a high-performing Cross-functional team.

“Improve health, performance and inter-office interactions trough a well programmed fitness regime”

Having an on-site functional fitness regime will not only improve employee recruitment and retention it will also enhance both employee fitness levels, performance and employee inter-office interactions. If you already have a fitness program make sure your utilizing it to the fullest with a well programmed regime that breeds mental strength and team spirit!

Introduce your team to FitForBusiness and get them rally towards one common goal and be prepared for the unexpected!