Who is Fit For Business?

Health and fitness are and always have been major parts of our lives. We started our journey by opening our first CrossFit affiliate in 2013 and have been dedicating ourselves to functional fitness ever since. Today we run CrossFit Christiania in the heart og Oslo. Our backgrounds are as varied as our workouts, but the common denominator is our passion for seeing people become better versions of themselves.

Our experience in the field of fitness ranges from running successful gyms, personal training, group and company training to hosting competitions and wholesale. We strongly believe that our know-how, strong dealership and well-respected brand allows us to supply you the best company training solutions. But it is our genuine passion for fitness that is our most important asset. That is why we like to say that "Fit for Business is not a supplier. Fit for Business is your training partner".

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We strongly believe that our know-how, strong dealership and well-respected brand allows us to supply you the best company training solutions.


Picture of Markus Helle-Pettersson from Fit For Business

Markus Helle-Pettersson

Master in Finance

  • Corporate Executive Board (CEB)
  • Business Sweden
  • Ice-hockey Player
Picture of Shayne Wills from Fit For Business

Shayne Wills

Personal Trainer 

  • Head of PT (Sats)
  • Event Coordinator (Playroom)
  • Personal Trainer 
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Oskar Nøkling Jr.

CrossFit Trainer & Athlete

  • Master of Law (UiO)
  • Sports Science (UiT)
  • CrossFit Trainer & Athlete
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We can power up your business by providing the same functional training as we does at CrossFit Christiania!

This is how

The training methodology we promote through Fit for Business is the same training we are doing at CrossFit Christiania. CrossFit is a functional fitness movement increasing in popularity worldwide. CrossFit is a safe, fun and effective training program based on constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.

Our workouts combine strength movements like power lifts and olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and bodyweight training, with endurance such as running and rowing. We tailor the training to all levels. Whether you are new to physical training or a high-level athlete, participants of all ages and levels will find the training safe, challenging and motivating.

We offer group training with experienced coaches, personal training as well as online training programs with instructional and educational content. All our different training solutions will guide your employees or clients through their CrossFit journey and encourage them to reach their full potential.

Practice makes perfect


We strive to provide exceptional coaching from educated trainers with long experience in the field. Our different training programs are tailored to all levels and offer a safe, fun and effective way of getting the participants in the shape of their lives!

The Fit for Business training can take place in our facilities at CrossFit Christiania, in your very own functional fitness box or through the Fit for Business Online Training Program.

Training in our facilities – CrossFit Christiania

We offer company group training at our two locations in the center of Oslo. At CrossFit Christiania your group will be coached by a dedicated trainer in a unique CrossFit box. We always work closely with each group to design a program of motivating workouts based on the groups goals and wishes.

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We also offer companies employee deals and discounts on personal memberships at CrossFit Christiania.

Training in your facilities

Whether you already have a gym at your workplace, or want us to design and equip a state of the art functional fitness box, we offer training programs and group coaching at your desired location. A designated CrossFit coach will come and lead you through the workouts. Reap the benefits of high-quality training without having to leave the office!

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Online Training Program

The Fit for Business Online Program is our most flexible training solution. Give your employees or clients access to a tailor-made CrossFit program with instructional videos and content. Daily detailed workout plans – perfect for your own Fit for Business gym. The online solution also comes with access to an app where you everyone can plan, log and analyze their training!

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Fit For Business is a part of CrossFit Christiania

We're one of Oslos biggest and best established CrossFit communities. By choosing Fit For Business you'll have a strong team backing you up and we'll focuse on bringing you the CrossFit-experience your business, employees and clients deserve!