Fit For Business Online

Our most flexible solution

The Fit for Business Online Program is our most flexible training solution. Give your employees or clients access to a tailor-made CrossFit program with instructional videos and content. Daily detailed workout plans – perfect for your Fit for Business gym or workouts from home.

Connect from anywhere with the online platform and app!

Coach giving instructions on whiteboard in a urban gym

Instructional Videos

Users are coached by our trainers through videos that teach you how to perform all movements and workouts safely and efficient. This allows you to do your training at anytime, learn more about functional fitness and get fitter from anywhere!

Go Into Every Workout with a Gameplan

By subscribing to Fit for Business Online you will gain access to a monthly training plan with daily workouts. The program is carefully designed for people of all levels to learn new skills and movements with our educational content, and guide them through CrossFit WODs (Workout of the Day).

Plan, Log and Analyze

The Beyond the Whiteboard app enables you to plan your training, log every workout and analyze your results. By monitoring your your training you can hold yourself accountable and stay motivated by tracking your progress. Whether you’re following the Fit for Business daily workouts or doing other workouts inside or outside the gym, you can log your efforts to the smallest detail.